Monday, May 5, 2008

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda- Don't Miss the Market

I hear time and time again that my buyers are "looking for a deal" well they are all over the place-- properties for sale may not be "listed" at their ideal price, but that's not to say they can't be negotiated at an incredible bargain...don't miss the market waiting for a perfect house. Buy a fixer or one of these bank-owned REO properties and turn it in to your dream, or at least a great investment that you can hold on to for instant equity in a couple of years.

I see folks getting caught up in short sales for months with no guarantee that they will even get their offer accepted or not get bumped by a better offer...and I fear that they will lose out on these incredible deals because they waited and waited for something else.

The Santa Clara County market is usually a step ahead of the Santa Cruz County market and they are seeing multiple offers in certain price ranges...just like we are, and buyers are missing out. Now that buyers have realized the market is phenomenal and the rates are good, they are coming out and putting out offers and getting outbid...don't miss the market by waiting too long. Now's your chance to get 2004 pricing and better rates, what are you waiting for REALLY?

Work with a Realtor that knows your market and which properties are a great deal, don't get caught up on "list price" because it's a different negotiation for bank-owned vs. short sale/foreclosure vs. none-of-the-above listings...we can help you sift through it, but don't wait if you have the means to make an offer now, because the selection and possibly pricing may not be there.